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Trinity Centre - SJH - Parking

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is parking available at the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences?
    Parking is only available to permit holders.

  2. Who is entitled to apply for a parking permit?
    • All permanent members of Trinity College staff with an office/lab space at the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences
    • Staff with full-time contracts of indefinite duration.
    • Staff on full-time contracts of a shorter duration where the expiry date is not imminent.  In this instance a letter may be required from your Head of School stating that your contract may be renewed.
    • If your contract status does not fall into one of the categories mentioned above please contact the School of Medicine Office at the Stone Building for further clarification.
  3. How do I apply for a parking permit?
    An application form must be completed on-line and then you will be asked to call into the Medical School Office at an agreed time along with a copy of your driving licence, insurance certificate and vehicle registration certificate.  If you have not yet received the VRC proof of ownership from the garage will suffice. Application form (MS Excel 29 kB)
  4. What if the car is not registered in my name?
    There is an additional form which must be completed by the registered owner and returned to us along with your parking application.  You will find this form Non-registered owner form (MS Word 22 Kb).
  5. Will I be issued with a parking permit immediately?
    The issuing of parking permits is subject to availability. All staff who fall into the categories at 2. above will be issued an access card  with parking rights.  Once we reach our quota applicants will be issued an access card without parking rights and will be put on a waiting list and informed when a permit is available. 
  6. I've changed my car how do I update my parking permit?
    In order to update your parking permit you must contact the School of Medicine Office and submit the vehicle registration certificate of the new car.  If you have not yet received this proof of ownership from the garage will suffice.
  7. I have lost my permit how do I get a replacement?
    If you cannot locate your parking permit you must report this immediately to Security and the School of Medicine Office.  A small fee is applicable prior to the re-issuing of a new permit. 
  8. Is parking available to students?
    There is no parking available for students. 
  9. Can I lend my parking permit to someone else?
    No.  Parking permits can only be used by the staff member they are issued to.  Misuse of parking permits may result in the loss of your parking privileges.
  10. I've received a parking infringement can I appeal this?
    Yes. Appeals must be made in writing and registered in School of Medicine Office within two weeks of being issued with the infringement notice.  This appeal will then be considered by the Parking Appeals Committee when they convene.
  11. What are the penalties for parking infringements?
    • 1st Infringement – warning sticker.
    • 2nd Infringement – permit will be withdrawn for one month.
    • 3rd Infringement – permit will be withdrawn for three months.
    • 4th Infringement – permit will be withdrawn for twelve months.
    • Infringements are expunged 12 months after the date of the offence.
    • In the case of a driver parking in a marked space designated for disabled drivers or parking in a manner that blocks access to a fire hydrant or to an emergency exit then the minimum sanction will be withdrawal of the permit for a period of one month.
    • Staff will be notified of an infringement by way of an Infringement Notice which will be either placed on the windscreen of the offending vehicle or notification will be forwarded to the driver in the mail.
  12. How long will an Infringement remain on my record?
    An infringement will remain on record for a period of twelve months.
  13. Where can I park at the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences SJH?
    Parking is permitted between the lines of the marked car parking spaces only.  Parking outside these lines is strictly prohibited.  Only persons with a disabled parking permit are permitted to park in disabled driver’s parking spaces. 
  14. Where are the disabled parking spaces located?
    There are disabled parking spaces at the Trinity Centre located in the following areas:
    • 2 spaces adjacent to Trinity Centre entrance
    • 2 spaces at overflow car park
  15. Can I park overnight at the Trinity Centre?
    Prolonged parking is not permitted without authorisation being sought from the School of Medicine Office at the Stone Building.
  16. Can visitors park at the Trinity Centre?
    There is no parking available for visitors.   Visitors should avail of the underground car park at St. James’s Hospital, the entrance to which is opposite the Trinity Centre barrier.
  17. Can I drop off and pick up goods from the Trinity Centre?
    Only if transport is required for the goods you are dropping off or picking up.  You will be allowed entry to the car park only for the duration of the task.  Prolonged parking, over and above the intended purpose, may result in your car being clamped.

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