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Welcome to the Centre of
Health Policy and Management

Professor Charles Normand Professor Charles Normand, Head of the Centre

The Centre of Health Policy and Management aims to produce high quality research to improve the performance of health systems, both internationally and within the Irish context. Its main focus is to improve the equity, efficiency and financial sustainability of the funding, management and delivery of health care services.

Research concentrates on:

  • Evaluations of Services (relating mainly to heart disease, neurological diseases and cancers)
  • Mechanisms for financing health services and the related needs for structures and systems
  • Structures and systems for healthcare delivery
  • Improving access to primary healthcare
  • Resilience in health systems in times of economic crises
  • The health care workforce
  • The consequences of population ageing on health and social care
  • Hospice and palliative care

Staff in the Centre are involved in support for policy making and service delivery in Ireland and abroad.

The M.Sc. in Health Services Management is based in the Centre.  In collaboration with RCSI and UCC the Centre runs the HRB PhD Scholar Programme in Health Services Research.



SPHeRE Network 1st Annual Conference

Health Research, Policy and Practice, Creating Links for Effective Collaboration taking place in January 2015.

To register for SPHeRE please click here.

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